1. Band Profile

Glay is a Japanese rock band from Hokkaido. The birthplace of all Glay's members were from Hakodate, Hokkaido, except Hisashi whose the birthplace was in Hirosaki, Aomori, but moved to Hakodate when he was still in Elementary School. Their main members are Takuro Kubo (guitar, leader, and song-writter), Teruhiko Kobashi (vocals), Yoshihito Wayama(called Jiro) (bass guitar), Hisashi Tonomura (guitar).

While their former members and additional players are :

Seiichiro Nagai : keyboard (2007-present),
Yuta (real name : Yuta Saitou) : keyboard (2004–2005),
Toshi (real name : Toshimitsu Naga) : drum (1995–present),
Sakuma (real name : Masahide Sakuma), guitar, keyboard, producer (mid 1994–present),
Shige (real name : Shigeo "sk55" Komori), keyboard (1998–2004),
D.I.E. (real name : Daijiro Nozaw), keyboard (1995–1998),
Nobumasa : drum (1994–1995),
Akira : drum (1993–1994).

After their first appearance in 1994, they produced many hit songs. Such as However, Be With You, Yuwaku, Soul Love, Winter,again, and Tomadoi/Special Thanks, the songs were sold over 1 million copies. Till 2008, Glay has sold around 28 million copies for their 43 singles, and fourteen of their albums were sold 23 million copies.

Glay began to be known after the releasing of single Yes, Summerdays in 1995, but just in 1996 they issued their first hit song, Glorious. After that the second album, Beat Out! after the release immediately took at 1st place on the Oricon album. Their success was continued by next singles such as Beloved, Kuchibiru, and However. Their compilation album, Review Best of Glay which was released in 1997 was sold till 4.880.000 copies.

In 2002, Glay held a concert in Beijing by the name of Glay One Love. The concert was held as 30th anniversary of Japan-China diplomatic relations. Their next big concert was [[Glay Expo|Glay Expo 2004 in Universal Studios Japan "The Frustrated" on July 31, 2004.

The first concert of Glay in U.S.A, called Glay Verb Tour 2008 in U.S. running on August 12, 2008. In 2009, they celebrated 15th anniversary by issuing their 41th single, I am xxx. A compilation album, The Great Vacation Vol.1 Super Best of Glay overtook on June 10, 2009.

2. Members Profile
Real Name : Teruhiko Kobashi
Instruments : Vocals, Drums, Harmonica, Guitar
Position on Glay : Vocals
Birthday : June, 8 1971
Hometown : Hakodate , Hokkaido
Starsign : Gemini
BloodType : O
Family : Parents, 2 sisters. Teru is divorced and he has two kids, a boy and a girl.
Interests: Drawing, Computers, Driving, Karaoke, and Traveling.
Teru is Glay's Glorious Vocalist! It's hard to believe he was Glay's drummer at the beginning. He says he's short-tempered but has a warm heart.
Teru's Fave Musicians: U2, The Wonderstuff, Enya, GLAY

Real Name : Takuro Kubo
Instruments : Guitar, piano
Position on Glay: Guitar, Writer, Composer
Birthday : May, 26 1971
Hometown : Hakodate , Hokkaido
Starsign : Gemini
BloodType : O
Family : His mother, and an older sister.
Interests: Writing songs and composing music for Glay. The Beattles and John Lennon. Fishing, traveling, getting letters from his fans and the internet.
Takuro is Glay's founder and leader. A very talented writer and composer! Takuro writes the beautiful lyrics to Glay's songs!
Favorite Musicians: The Beattles, Sakuma Masahide, D.I.E., and Toshi(Nagai)

Real Name : Hisashi Tonomura
Instruments : Guitar
Position on Glay : Guitar
Birthday : February, 2 1972
Hometown : Hakodate , Hokkaido
Starsign : Aquarius
BloodType : O
Family : Hisashi's family is composed of his mother and an elder brother and he is currently married.
Interests: MAC Computers, Hisashi is an Internet junkie, Firearms, Platinum-Silver items like rings, hats, antiques, making models...
Hisashi's Favorite Musicians: Kanako Nakayama, Andy Partridge, Trent Reznor, Guns 'n Roses
Hisashi is Glay's super talented lead guitarist. Before joining Glay he had a punk band named "Ari" (which means "ant").

Real Name : Yoshihito Wayama
Instruments : Bass, Guitar
Position on Glay : Bassist
Birthday : October, 17 1972
Hometown : Hakodate , Hokkaido
Starsign : Libra
BloodType : A
Family : Parents, 1 elder sister, and 2 younger sisters. Jiro was married recently.
Interests: Playing guitar and bass. Photography, Baseball, Skateboarding, Billiards, and Fishing.
Jiro's Fave Musicians: Kurt Cobain, Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Jiro is Glay's talented Bass player. He's knows for his 'baby face' and colorful outfits and hairstyles.

3. Latest News
I think Glay is one of the biggest music group in Japan. Because their concert has ever involved another country in the case of diplomatic like China.
  • Glay has released 10 albums, 10 compilation and etc, and the most is their single, 41.
  • Their latest single I am XXX which was released on May 25, 2009, contains 4 tracks and reached at #2 on the Oricon weekly. It was sold about 90.000 copies.
  • Also followed by their latest album LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL was released on January 31, 2007, contains 14 tracks and peaked at #1 on the Oricon weekly. It almost sold about 200.000 copies.
On April 1, 2010, Glay released Apologize, a free digital single that, according to Takuro, was a signal of gratitude to the fans. In June, the band announced the establishment of their own label, Loversoul Music & Associates. Their first work under their new label is the single Precious, to be release on September 8, followed by their tenth studio album Glay.
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