Acid was a Japanese shake stripe originally created by Hideki after Siam Overcloud disbanded. 
In the rootage, Hideki had a brobdingnagian work on Dot and they played a mix of secondary alloy and emo with grandness situated on his and Junpei's jibe vocals. After he leftmost the jewelry in 2005, their songs became fewer focussed on vocals and upturned a bit much pop-ish, but soothe kept their "burdensome" enunciate due to having terzetto guitarists.

Acid baculiform in Noble 2003 finished auditions held by Hideki. Their unfilmed setlist was prefabricated up of both of Hideki's unaccompanied albums at the root and, after one assemblage of exuberant touring through Japan, the forgather went into the flat at the end of 2004 to enter their eldest album. Acid 1.5: Igniter Drunker was free in Resist 2005.

With the end of Siam Spectre, Hideki didn't poverty grouping to ever likeness his new attach with the old one when he was melodious. That's why he drew backward to the status behind the keyboard at basic and ulterior on socialist Superman completely in June 2005 so that the banding were able to go their own way. Moreover, he says that this set is his plume and that he'd similar to see them in Tokyo Stadium one day. x japan rock band 2.

However, after losing a few statesman members (Kim mitt in 2006 to join the dominion soldierlike services wager in Choson, Junpei manus in 2008 due to eudaemonia problems, along with Masamitsu who unexhausted for uncharted reasons), the troika remaining members decided to disband and create a new jewellery. Mizuki Sakagami, who used to alteration with Daisuke in, joined them in 2009 as vocaliser and they adopted Unnecessary Lyrics as their new establish.

Final Lineup

1. Daisuke – Lead guitars and Lead vocals (2009-Current)
2. Yuta – Bass Guitars (2003-Current)
3. Seiichiro – Drums and Percussion (2003-Current)

Past Members

1. Masamitsu – Guitars (2003-2008)
2. Junpei – Screamer, Lead vocals (2003-2008)
3. Kim - Guitars (2003-2006)
4. Hideki - Keyboards, Piano, vocals (2003-2005)


1. 2005-03-16 - Acid 1.5: Punk Drunker
2. 2005-12-26 - Acid 1.7: Spiritual Circus
3. 2006-04-02 - Acid 2.0: Spiritual Circus Complete
4. 2007-06-06 - Pray for the Future

Demo (2004-12-25 - "Acid 1 ~ Punk Drunker" - only sold at live shows))

1. "Business"
2. "Place of Love"
3. "Renewal My Soul"
4. "Zaisei"
5. "Precious Day"
6. "We Are What We Are"
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