Spitz - Chiisana Ikimono

Perhaps foremost among music lovers of Japanese music lovers in Indonesia rarely Spitz know but try asking the band to the Japanese , everything would directly refer to the song " Sora mo Toberu Isshiki " , " Cherry " and " Robinson " . Indeed, it is the third song hits of the alternative rock band consisting of Shizuoka origin Masamune Kusano , Tetsuya Miwa , Akihiro Tamura and Tatsuo Sakiyama . The band was formed in 1987 as a project between Kusano and Tamura , the band did not gain popularity due to direct musical climate in Japan when it is not friendly to them . Not until 1994 where the album " Sora no Tobikata " became hits in Japan followed by a full album with shades of britpop ( which also again exploded in Japan at the time) called " Hachimitsu " which has sold millions of copies there .

They 've created a total of 38 singles , 14 studio albums , one mini- albums , 1 EP , 3 albums and 3 special greatest hits compilation which sold 20 million copies in Japan alone made ​​the band legendary status as they get in their own country . If they are less widely known by the Japanese music lovers here but this is because they rarely ever play abroad even in Japan itself at every concert they just want to perform in the concert hall would not be plain in a wider arena in order to maintain intimacy with fans . In addition , the band also rarely known here because of the music which imported from Japan is a J - pop music and idol group so Spitz less well here . But well , maybe because it's the 14th album they titled " Chiisana Ikimono " locally released in CD format . Because the band does have the potential to be loved especially for those who like rock and alternative music as the band introductions to advanced in the world Asia and International .

Their 14th album titled " Chiisana Ikimono " was released On 11 September 2013 , and immediately sat down as champion Japan Album Chart in the first week it was released and sat at number 48 at the end of year charts , the album also received Gold certification for successfully sold 100 thousand copies . The album also became their first album after 3 years after they released " Togemaru " in the year 2010 .

Playing with jangly tones ala R.E.M. The track " Mirai Koorogi " . " Chiisana Ikimono " which has to do not give a message was delivered with britpop style ballad style with a touch of baroque pop . Quick play with a sense of punk and power pop on the track " Reality " . Elements shady and relaxing folk appeared in " Lamp " . In " Opabinia " , they played a 90's power pop style . Highlights of this album in my opinion is on " Sara Sara " . Track is used as the first single for the album is not like the other tracks , the song contains a love story that raises the spirit of contemporary indie rock with jangly style of Spitz thus bring a track that is relevant to the present era . Just as the title suggests " no Polka Yasei " or " Polka Wild " they mix elements of punk , j - rock and polka makes this track so suitable for football anthem . They revel in the instrumental track " Scat " by alternative rock tunes are energetic . " Endroll Hayasugiru ni wa " is the most fresh tracks and in accordance with the scheme of indie music right now . Combining new wave with funk style guitar with indie band era now approaches that rely on a guitar makes it fun to dance tracks . A touch of rockabilly in " Tooboe Shuffle " . " Swan " playing mellow with flavors of pop rock and folk rock . With tone told them to bring " Shiosai - chan " with music indie rock indie pop sensibility rough . " Boku wa Kitto Tabi ni Deru " delivered with a relaxed tone with extra pop rock . " Esperansa " brings gloomy atmosphere inside the medium - tempo music and a little bluesy guitar .

Repeating nostalgia , that's one word that can describe the album 14th of veteran alternative rock band from Japan . Sound on this album is almost mostly takes sound of alternative rock band , pop rock and power pop of the 90s era , an era in which Spitz gain remarkable success by successfully selling millions of copies singles and albums . It is no doubt more and more the album is likely to repeat previous album bigger and this happens on the new album Spitz . Jangly tones ala Spitz again raised here . They are not completely stuck nostalgic because there are some songs that are able to adapt to the pattern of alternative music now that this album still has the ability to draw the listener in the present era . But unfortunately in this album is no strong track so that they can not repeat such glory 90s , this is also due to the Japanese music scheme that prioritizes boy / girl bands and idol group to seize the throne peak in Japan Singles Chart .

The overall album about love, nature and freedom . Maybe naming the album " Ikimono Chiisana " which means " little creature " in accordance with what is on this album . Spitz back to their basic and make this album a fresh restart for themselves as a band between the Japanese music industry is now adored girl / boy band and idol group as small creatures among creatures great .

1. Mirai Koorogi 4:12
2. Chiisana Ikimono 3:23
3. Reality 3:33
4. Lamp 4:03
5. Opabinia 3:04
6. Sarasara 4:14
7. Yasei No Polca 3:34
8. Scat 2:52
9. Endroll Niha Hayasugiru 4:09
10. Tooboe Shuffle 2:57
11. Swan 3:24
12. Shiosai Chang 3:29
13. Boku Wa Kitto Tabi Ni Deru 4:46
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