Dead End

DEAD END started their career in the eighties, but after a short but successful six years together, they halted activities. Even though they were active before the visual kei phenomenon came into existence, they helped shape the scene by influencing popular bands such as LUNA SEA and KUROYUME. Their producer was Hajime Okano, who also produced several releases from bands such as La'Cryma Christi, L'Arc~en~Ciel and Transtic Nerve.

Their music is typically a mix of dark eighties-style hard rock and heavy metal; melodic, with wild guitar solos. The band also drew much of their image from the eighties rock genre, with big hair and striking makeup. With the exception of vocalist MORRIE, however, the members have adopted a more subtle look in recent years.

DEAD END originally disbanded in 1990, but the band announced their revival in 2009, playing their first show in nearly 20 years at the JACK IN THE BOX 2009 SUMMER event.

Dead End is an influential Japanese heavy metal or hard rock band formed in Tokyo in 1984. They were one of few Japanese metal bands who had international exposure in the United States (US) during the eighties. Originally disbanded in 1990, Dead End reunited in 2009 after almost two decades.

Although they achieved only limited commercial success in their homeland, Dead End had a significant impact on its rock scene, influencing numerous musicians in, or related to, the developing visual kei scene in the 1990s. Specifically Morrie who inspired the visual appearance and rough vocal style of many prominent singers.

Member :
- Motoyuki "Morrie" Ōtsuka (大塚基之) – vocals 1984–1990, 2009–present (ex:The Wild, Liar, Creature Creature)
- Tadashi "Crazy Cool Joe" Masumoto (増本 正志) – bass, backing vocals 1984–1990, 2009–present (ex:Rajas)
- Yuji "You" Adachi (足立祐二) – guitar 1986–1990, 2009–present (ex:Jesus, Terra Rosa, Goatcore)

Former members :
- Takahiro Kagawa (香川孝博) – guitar 1984–1986 (ex:Liar, The Willard)
- Masaaki Tano (田野勝啓) – drums 1984–1987 (ex:Terra Rosa)
- Masafumi Minato (湊雅史) – drums 1987–1990, 2009 (ex:Saber Tiger)
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