L'Arc~en~Ciel Concert March 2014

Legendary Japanese rock band , L' Arc - en - Ciel will be held a concert entitled 'L' Arc - en - Ciel LIVE 2014 at National Stadium' on 21 and 22 March next at Japan's National Stadium. Uniquely, this event will be broadcast live on a number of theaters in Japan, Europe, USA, Latin America, Hong Kong, and Taiwan .Live concert for two days it was the second time for Hyde and his friends.  
The same concert will be held back in July 2014 .It becomes a waiting one year and 10 months after the last time a popular group with the song 'The Fourth Avenue Cafe' is held 'World Tour 2012 , 20th Anniversary' which collects 450 thousand fans in 10 countries around the world .Reporting from J-pop Asian, Wednesday ( 5/3 ), L' Arc - en - Ciel became prime rock band that held a live concert at the National Stadium Japan.  
Last time, so hysterical fans and amazed by the gorgeous stage effects when there is the Olympics opening ceremony, as there is the opening scene with the marching band, the Olympic Flame and more than 1,000 fireworks.With demand so enthusiastic throughout the world, the spectacular appearance of the band will participate perceived by all fans . Guys, still follow the development of the information huh ?

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