1. Band Profile
Orange Range is a 5-member Okinawan alternative rock band, based in Okinawa, Japan. Their first label was Spice Music and later signed with Sony Music Japan's gr8! records division in 2003. Many of their songs bacame a sountrack for Drama, Film, or Anime, such as "Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu" (Hana & Kizuna), "Naruto" (Viva Rock) and "Bleach (~Asterisk~).

Orange Range or read in Japanese "Orenji Renji", originally from Okinawa and was formed on March, 2001. The name of Orange Range was a present from Naoto's Mother who became a teacher of Japanese calligrapher. They're well known about their skill of mixturing music genre, by "Hip Hop" and "Rock". They have a rapper, he is Miyamori Ryo and being a Low Vocal at once.

Beginning from the childhood friend, among Naoto and Katchan (Orange Range Former Drummer). They founded this band after graduating from Junior High School. And gathered their personnels step by step.
Originally from Yoh, Hiroki, Ryo and the last was Yamato.

But, in the middle of 2005, Katchan had left Orange Range, and it was not yet ascertained the cause of Drummer's discharging. So, he had to leave the band and all at once leave his carrier. And also Reported that he had made his own band.
And till now, Orange Range are playing by 5 personnels, and 1 additiom drummer, he is Masahiro Sakurai.

2. Member Profile
1. Yamato
Full Name : Yamato Ganeko
Birth Date : January 14, 1984
Blood Type : A
Height/Weight : 170 cm/53 kg
Occupations : High Vox
Hobbies : Watching TV, Fashion, Music
Favourite Sports : Basketball, Baseball, All sports related to a ball.
Favourite Artists: Jam, Nirvana, Eminem, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Chemical Brothers, Dragon Ash, TMO.

2. Ryo
Full Name : Ryo Miyamori
Birth Date : October 1, 1985
Blood Type : O
Height/Weight : 170 cm/60 kg
Occupations : Low Vox
Hobbies : Basketball
Favourite Sports : Basketball & Football
Favourite Artists : Zeebra, Rize, Flow.

3. Hiroki
Full Name : Hiroki Hokama
Birth Date : June 29, 1983
Blood Type : A
Height/Weight : 170 cm/54 kg
Occupations : Mid Vox
Hobbies : Sports, Watching News, Reading Comics, Adventure.
Favourite Sports : Football, Volley Ball, Ping Pong, Sumo
Favourite Artists : GQ06, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, aiko, Okinawa indies.

4. Naoto
Full Name : Naoto Hiroyama
Birth Date : May 08, 1983
Blood Type : A
Height/Weight : 175 cm/60 kg
Occupations : Guitar, Leader
Hobbies : DJ, take care a dog (Naoto has three dogs)
Favourite Sports : Volley Ball
Favourite Artists : Denki Groove, Supercar, Kururi, YMO, Boom Boom Satellites, GQ06, Mouse on Mars

5. Yoh
Full Name : Yoh Miyamori
Birth Date : December 11, 1983
Blood Type : O
Height/Weight : 178 cm/55 kg
Occupations : Bassist
Hobbies : Rolling ^ ^
Favourite Sports : Football
Favourite Artists : Rize, B-Dash, Fire Ball, Linkin Park, Brahman, SUM41, Korn, Dragon Ash, Incubus.

Former Member
6. Katchan
Full Name : Kitao Kazuhito
Birth Date : June 19, 1983
Blood Type : A
Height/Weight : 173 cm/50 kg
Occupations : Drummer (Former)
Hobbies : Watching Video, Driving, Card Collector
Favourite Sports : Basketball, Volley Ball, All sports related to a ball.
Favourite Artists : Gagaga SP, HY, Rize, Judy & Mary, ELT, YKZ, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Beatles

3. Latest News
This band had released 21 singles and 6 albums. Their last single is "Hitomi no Saki ni", which was released on July 8, 2009. And the last album titled "World World World" was released on August 5, 2009. The album contains 13 tracks, and include 3 singles which had been released previously.

4. Updated News
Orange Range comes with their new single, titled
"Uturusanu" (ウトゥルサヌ) which was released on July 28, 2010. It contains 3 songs.
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