Maximum The Hormone

1. Band Profile
Maximum the Hormone is a Japanese nu metal band from Hachiōji, Tokyo. Formed in 1998 by Daisuke Tsuda and nao Kawakita. Then finally, Nao recruited her younger brother as a guitarist. And till now, the Band's members are Daisuke Tsuda as a scream/growl/rap vocals, Nao Kawakita as a Drummer/Backing Vocals, Ryo Kawakita as a guitarist at once Melodics Vocals and the last is Ue Chan as a bassist.

Maximum the Hormone is a combination of pop-punk, nu-metal, funk and hardcore genre. About this genre, perhaps we will remember west bands, such as System of a Down, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Ramons. And they have used three record labels. First are Sky Records, that where was they made their debut album, titled A.S.A Crew. At that time, Daisuke just wrote the songs in English Language, and the name of "Maximum The Horomone" was also still written in Latin Alphabet. But, it has changed after KEY and SUGI went out from the band in 1999. In 2002, they changed their record label and signed with Mimikajiru. And after the release of "Kusoban" in 2004, the band signed to VAP, a major record label.

And so, coupled by VAP record label in 2006, they released their most notable song titled "What's up People" and "Zetsubou Billy" which were used the theme song for "Death Note" Anime Series. As the 2nd Opening and Ending songs.
And "Akagi" is featured as the ending theme for the Akagi anime series.

2. Members Profile
1. Ryo Kawakita
* Birth name : Ryo Kawakita
* Also known as : Maximum the Ryo
* Born : December 13, 1978 (age 31)
* Origin : Japan Tokyo, Japan
* Genres : Rock, punk rock, metal
* Occupations : Musician
* Instruments : Guitar, Vocals
* Years active : 1999 - present
* Labels : VAP

2. Daisuke Tsuda
* Birth name : Daisuke Tsuda
* Also known as : Daisuke-han
* Born : September 13, 1977 (age 32)
* Origin : Tokyo, Japan
* Genres : Rock, metal
* Occupations : Musician
* Instruments : Screaming vocals
* Years active : 1998–present
* Labels : VAP

3. Nao Kawakita
* Birth name : Nao Kawakita
* Born : December 16, 1975 (age 34)
* Origin : Japan Tokyo, Japan
* Genres : Rock, punk rock, metal
* Occupations : Musician
* Instruments : drums, backing vocalist
* Years active : 1998 - present
* Labels : VAP

4. Futoshi Uehara
* Birth name : Futoshi Uehara
* Also known as : Ue-Chan
* Born : April 15, 1980 (age 30)
* Origin : Japan
* Genres : Funk, alternative rock, metal
* Occupations : Musician
* Instruments : bassist, backing vocals
* Years active : 1999 - present
* Labels : VAP

Former Members
5. Sugi – guitar (1998-1999)
6. Key – bass guitar (1998-1999)

3. Latest News
Maximum The Hormone has released 5 studio albums. Their last album is Buiikikaesu whose the certifcations is Gold.
And their latest single is Tsume Tsume Tsume/F released on July 9, 2008. The song peaked number 2 at the Oricon. The single went Gold in Japan, selling more than 100,000 copies on Japan and 150,000 copies worldwide.

On August 14th, 2009, Maximum the Hormone was due to play at Rising Sun Rock Festival 2009 in EZO, but according to an announcement made at the festival the day of, a family emergency came up with the family of the drummer, they cancelled.

Maximum The Hormone was confirmed to play the Soundwave Festival in Australia 2010 but have cancelled due to Nao's pregnancy. At the advice of Nao's doctors, Maximum the Hormone is currently on hiatus.
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