1. Band Profile
Remioromen is a Japanese Rock Band consisting of 3 members, and formed on December 2000. They are Ryota Fujimaki on vocals and guitar, Keisuke Maeda on bass and background vocals, Osamu Jinguji on drums and backgound vocals.

Remioromen is formed in 2000. Three personnels are from Yamanashi Prefecture. The name of Remioromen actually has no special meaning but just from the combination of their favorite words which was determined by janken (scissors, rock, paper). Each personnel may enter their favorite word every time when they won the janken. Fujimaki pleased with the band Radiohead that in Japanese is called "rediohedo", so he put the word "re"; Jinguji put the words "mi" and "o". Mi is the name of his girlfriend and O is the first letter of his name. While Maeda pleased with the tram, so he put the word Romen (from Japanese, romendensha which means "tram"). After their singles entitled "Sangatsu Kokonoka" was released, they returned to Yamanashi to perform a concert at their old school.

In 2005, Remioromen released their single entitled "Konayuki". In the same year, Konayuki used as insert song for TV series "Rittoru Ichi no Namida (1 Liter of Tears)". The song "Sangatsu Kokonoka" was used as a choral song in the movie. Remioromen known in Indonesia thanks to the song "Konayuki" and "Sangatsu Kokonoka".

In 2006, Remioromen won "The Best Pop Video Award" through their mainstay Video Clip, Konayuki.

2. Members profile

Ryota FujimakiData
Full Name = Ryota Fujimaki (藤巻亮太, Fujimaki Ryōta)
Born = January 12, 1980
Position = Vocals and Guitar

Keisuke MaedaData
Keisuke MaedaFull Name = Keisuke Maeda (前田啓介, Maeda Keisuke)
Born = September 11, 1979)
Position = Bass guitar.

Osamu Jinguji (Drum)Data
Osamu JingujiFull Name = Osamu Jinguuji (神宮司治, Jingūji Osamu)
Born = March 5, 1980)
Position = Drum.

3. Latest News
Remioromen has released 18 singles, and their latest single is Kachōfūgetsu (花鳥風月?) which was released on February 17, 2010. Unique, this song was distributed as a ringtone.
And total of Remioromen's albums is 7. Their latest album is taken by their latest single as the same name and was released on March 3, 2010. This album sold over 80.000 copies.

Remioromen's personnels have been together for a decade and finally now going to donate the song to theme song of television drama. Their new song, entitled Kachou Fuugetsu, has been chosen as theme song for drama "Angel Bank-Tenshoku Dairinin which aired on TV Asahi of Japan starting on January 14, 2010.
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