Mikuni Shimokawa

1. Artist Profile
Mikuni Shimokawa (下川 み くに, Shimokawa Mikuni?, Born in Shizunai, Hokkaido, March 19, 1980, age 30 years) is a female singer for various anime songs and all at once as a songwriter origin from Japan. Her name is known thanks to anime theme songs, especially for opening and ending for "Full Metal Panic!" anime series. In addition as a talented singer, Shimokawa can also play a piano. At first, She had ever joined to a girl group called, Checkicco. In the year 2006, she founded the trio named NapsaQ, where she was a vocals.

Mikuni began on the world record by her debut single entitled, "Believer ~ ~ Tabidachi no Uta" was released on April 28, 1999 under the label, Pony Canyon.

On December 6, 2000, she released her 6th single entitled "Alone", which was used as a 2nd ending for "Gensomaden Saiyuki" anime series. Alone was a first single which was used for theme song for anime. Gain the success during the new century, it was also followed by her 7th single entitled "Tomorrow/Karenai Hana", which was released on February 20, 2002. And used as theme song for "Full Metal Panic" anime series, where Tomorrow as a 1st opening and Karenai Hana as a 1st Ending.

She is also the vocalist to the band NapsaQ with Matsugashita Hiroyuki and Ito Takayuki. With their debut release NapsaQ - Seishun Song Request they covered J-Pop songs requested by fans.

Name: Shimokawa Mikuni, 下川みくに

Birthday: 3-19, 1980

Blood type: B

Height: 155cm

Instrument: Vocals & Piano

2. Latest News

Mikuni has released 15th singles and 10 studio albums. Her latest single is "Tsubomi" which was released on February, 18 2009. It also used as an 2nd ending theme for "Blue Dragon" Anime series, and contains 4 tracks. Her latest album is "Wings ~ Very Best of Mikuni Shimokawa ~" which was released on August 5, 2009. By containing 18 tracks, it won the Best Award for 2009 sales department in Hong Kong J-Pop/K-Pop.
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