Kids Alive

1. Band Profile
Kids Alive is a Japanese rock band that formed in 1998 and consisting of three members, they are Yuta (vocal), Keiji (guitar), and Akihiro (bass). By originating from Hokkaido, they signed up for Kids Record. Their first major debut single was released in 2002. They changed over to the Cutting Edge label for their next five singles and album two years later. They were with avex and released their two latest singles with them shortly before their break-up in 2003.

They sent a demonstration tape to a record company (Motherland) in 2000, and their talents were noticed. As a result, Kids Alive debuted in February 2001 with a single entitled ame or Rain, the members being only mere 17 years old and were still in high school then. That comes as no surprise that Kids Alive was active in school festival performances. Starting at 2nd Stage, they switched their company to Avex. They have released eight singles and one album.

One of their most famous songs being Bokura no Bouken, the first ED for Hikaru no GO and as their fourth single. Its opening melody was sampled by German rapper Kool Savas for his Song Tot oder Lebendig. Then, followed by their second best song 2nd Stage was used for the opening theme of the anime Hungry Heart: Wild Striker. The band has not come out with anything recently, one rumor being that it is because they may be busy with college.

2. Members Profile

Akihiro (real name: Akihiro Yamamura) - Bass
Born : August 22, 1983
Favorite artist : blur, straycats, ASH

Yuta (real name: Yuta Aihara) - Vocal
Born : May 25, 1984
Favorite artist : Greenday

Keiji (real name: Hiroshi Kanno) - Guitar
Born : July 7, 1983
Favorite artist : Beatles

3. Latest News
Kids Alive has released eight singles and one album. Their latest album was 3 Colors Infinity had been released on January 1, 2002. And followed by their latest single was ふたりの季節~North Point~ (Season Two ~North Point~) that was released on February 5, 2003. They were disbanded in 2003, because they have to continue their school.
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