AB'S (often holographic "A.B.'s" in the U.K.) is a individual Asian gynaecologist jewellery blown in Yeddo in 1982. In Nippon, their music is regularly associated with "municipality pop" or adult-oriented gynecologist. Their strain "Deja Vu" was free in the U.K. and ofttimes classified as instrumental and or blues funk, but the sound of AB'S, including "Deja Vu" is also illustrious for their music action in Archipelago.

The jewelry currently consists of Fujimaru Yoshino (guitars, vocals), Makoto Matsushita  (guitars, vocals), Naoki Watanabe (bass guitars, vocals), Atsuo Okamoto (drums, vocals). As all the members are meeting players, sometimes the slip is compared to Toto (stripe) in Nippon.

AB'S is sometimes noted for a singable communication that combines elements of pop, gynaecologist, biochemist and liberal pitching .

Formation (1982)
The members are Fujimaru Yoshino and the transcription members of his early solo album Yoshino Fujimal released in 1982. Yoshino recruited Matsushita when he listened to Matsushita's initial medium Prototypal Tripping (1981) and he craved to signifier a banding with Matsushita. Yoshino also recruited Watanabe and Okamoto for their periodicity performances, and Ando also for his power of penning lyrics.

The adornment slang came from the blood types of the novel members. The execution write of Yoshino, Matsushita and Watanabe is AB, and the blood identify of Ando and Okamoto is A. Therefore the jargon "A.B.'s", holographic on the 12-inch single Deja Vu released in the U.K. is incorrect.

The leaflet for their indorsement album message publicized by Alfa Month Records, shows the execution types of apiece member with profiles. They also intellection that the name turn with AB would prettify archetypal in a list. In 2012, Yoshino said in his Facebook that he saw the ensue of his latest examination cheque and scholarly that his blood-type is not AB but B, after Matsushita's reissued CD (see above) was released.

The slip released their best lonesome Girl/ Django in December, 1982, and their firstborn medium AB'S in Jan, 1983. Then they recorded their merchandise medium in London, and free the 12inch solitary Deja Vu/ Eastern Month in the U.K., which were contained in the ordinal medium. They free the sec medium AB'S-2 in 1984. Yoshino and Matsushita also free unaccompanied albums respectively.

To commencement his new advancing sway stria Image Movement, Matsushita unexpended the stria after the turn in 1984. The position medium was prerecorded again in Writer and all guitars were performed by Yoshino and overdubbed. The album AB'S-3 and the 12-inch azygos C.I.A. were released in 1985, but presently they obstructed their jewellery occupation in 1985.

After three-year amount, Yoshino prerecorded several songs and free as AB'S-4 in 1988, but the other musicians were divergent from the pilot lineup. The ring stopped their business again.

The CDs "Creation Jazz-Funk Periodical" were released in UK, and the new edition of the strain "Deja Vu" was included. The attach call was disciplined in the liner-note and statute as "AB's".

Matsushita's instrument and A5B3S (2004)
Yoshino said AB'S restarted again with the archetype lineup, and did a gig and free a modest mini album A5B3S(A-go-B-san-zu), and toured in 2004. During the recitation, Yoshino suffered cerebral pathology, but he continuing the gig. The mini medium was sold only at the firefighter website and the gigs from an city hold.

The striation decided to locomote the attach and to fulfill on the stage of Crossover Nihon '05. Ando did not wish to accomplish eliminate in unscheduled events, he definite to allow the stripe. Watanabe recruited Hidetoshi Yamada  (keyboards, vocals), and the two keyboard players performed unitedly on the circumstance. Their maxi lone "Concentrated" free at the event day, in which exclusive Yamada played keyboards.

The song "Inanimate or Active" is the rearranged writing of "Turquoise Juicy", the air of Golgo 13 Challenger Bee, all sound of which were collected by Fujimaru Yoshino. After the event, they released their 5th archetype brimfull album New and toured in lose, 2005, did a gig in 2006. The album instrument came from upright the fact that the medium was new. Soon they started to disc their 6th medium and free in 2007. The album right Juicy came from the change of the album crown. Around the end of this parting the stria. After Yamada's leaving, the stripe temporally obstructed their state.

Jewellery Members
Afoot members
1. Fujimaru Yoshino: A instrumentalist, inventor, composer, adapter, maker. (1982-) The bandmaster of Hideki Saijo's championship ring.  The member of a Japanese sway adornment SHOGUN, who wrote and played sound for Tantei 2. Monogatari television programme (important roll: Yusaku Matsuda). Unperturbed and played euphony for Golgo 13 (Queen Bee). Played guitars for numerous artists much as Joe Yamanaka, Momoe Yamaguchi, Seiko Matsuda, Sayuri Ishikawa, advertising films, spiritedness films much as Element Genesis Evangelion. Released triad unaccompanied albums, and in the second medium, he played with L.A. musicians, Nathen Eastside, Abraham Laboriel and Robben Fording.

 2. Makoto Matsushita: A player, singer, composer, musician, shaper. (1982-84, 2003- Released iii unaccompanied albums in 80s, and baccilar a tense rock jewellery Class Displace(1985-). Unreal the first and happening theme of Massive Element L-Gaim. New famous for company system for Johnny & Associates specified as SMAP and Kinki Kids, and bass performing for Hideaki Tokunaga. Played guitars for numerous artists, animations much as Argonon Book Evangelion.

 3. Naoki Watanabe: A bassist, singer, songwriter, transcriber. (1982-85, 2003-) The member of MMP, the part jewellery of Candies (assemble) in '70s. Shaped a horn-featured biochemist stripe Spectrum (1979-81) and released six albums. Started Solo-Bass Association in 2002, and released instructional notes and a DVD from Rittor Penalization. Played for umteen artists such as Michiya Haruhata, Nobuteru Maeda, Maki Ohguro, Kyoji Yamamoto, TV dramas, animations, and video games much as Last Vision X ("Suteki-dane).

 4. Atsuo Okamoto: A drummer, musician, songwriter. (1982-85, 2003-). The member of AIDO(1975-6), Spectrum(1979-81), The Triple X(1997-). The member of the backup strip of Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi (2002,2004-9,2012). Played for galore artists such as Chiharu Matsuyama, Nobuteru Maeda, Mari Hamada, Takahiro Matsumoto, Kyoji Yamamoto, TV serial, animations, and recording games specified as Test Vision IX ("Melodies of Aliveness").

Former Members
1. Yoshihiko Ando: A keyboardist, inventor, songwriter, lyricist. (1982-85, 2003-05)
2. Hidetoshi Yamada: A keyboardist, artificer, songwriter, adapter. (2005-2007)
3. Yoshinobu Kojima: A keyboardist, songster, musician, maker. (1988)
4. Hideki Matubara: A bassist, composer. (1988)

Album :

AB'S (1983)

  1. Deja Vu (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Naoki Watanabe)
  2. Dee-Dee-Phone (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Makoto Matsushita)
  3. Django (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Makoto Matsushita)
  4. Fill the Sail (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Fujimaru Yoshino)
  5. Asian Moon (lyrics: Jeff Keeling/ music: Naoki Watanabe)
  6. In the City Night (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Atsuo Okamoto)
  7. Girl (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Fujimaru Yoshino)
  8. Just You (lyrics: Jeff Keeling/ music: Makoto Matsushita)

AB'S-2 (1984)

  1. Destination (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Fujimaru Yoshino)
  2. Japanese Punkish Girl (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Makoto Matsushita)
  3. Morning Dew (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Naoki Watanabe)
  4. Just A Rainy Blues (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Fujimaru Yoshino)
  5. Flight 007 (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Atsuo Okamoto)
  6. One Night in Moscow (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Naoki Watanabe)
  7. Correspondence (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Makoto Matsushita)
  8. Do You Remember Me? (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Fujimaru Yoshino)

AB'S-3 (1985)

  1. By the End of the Century (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Fujimaru Yoshino)
  2. Heavy Mental Rock (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Fujimaru Yoshino)
  3. Far East Express (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Naoki Watanabe)
  4. Ethnic Cosmic (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Atsuo Okamoto)
  5. Cry Baby Blues (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Fujimaru Yoshino)
  6. C.I.A. (lyrics: Gregory Starr/ music: Fujimaru Yoshino)
  7. Borderline (lyrics: Gregory Starr/ music: Naoki Watanabe)
  8. Sequence Life (lyrics: Jeff Keeling/ music: Naoki Watanabe)
"C.I.A.(extended dub mix)", "C.I.A.(extended club mix)" are included in the CD released in 2001.

AB'S-4 (1988)

  1. Let Me Go~ (lyrics: Allan Denis Rich & Dorothy Sea Gazeley/ music: Fujimaru Yoshino)
  2. We Just Missed Each Other (lyrics: Michael Himelstein/ music: Hideki Matsubara)
  3. All You Ever Know (lyrics: Michael Himelstein/ music: Yoshinobu Kojima)
  4. Can't Get Enough of You (lyrics:Kevin Gorman/ music: Tohru Hasebe)
  5. Across the Park (lyrics: Craig Fleishman/ music: Hideki Matsubara)
  6. You Just Gotta Forget about Time(lyrics: Brian Yamakoshi/music: Yoshinobu Kojima)
  7. Things Being What They Are (lyrics: Michael Himelstein/ music :Fujimaru Yoshino)
  8. Give Back My Heart (lyrics: Michael Himelstein/ music: Tohru Hasebe)
  9. Take A Chance On Me (lyrics: Allan Denis Rich & Dorothy Sea Gazeley/ music:Fujimaru Yoshino)
  10. I'm Falling (lyrics: Susanne M. Edgren & Barbara Hain/ music: Yoshinobu Kojima)
  11. ~Let Me Go(Instrumental)(music: Fujimaru Yoshino)

AB'S Best Collection --Moon Years-- (2002)

  1. Girl
  2. Cry Baby Blues
  3. Fill the Sail
  4. Deja Vu
  5. Do You Remember Me?
  6. By the End of Century
  7. Destination
  8. Correspondence
  9. In the City Night
  10. C.I.A.
  11. Take a Chance on Me
  12. Things Being What They Are

A5B3S (2004)(limited mini album)

  1. Last Horizon (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music:Atsuo Okamoto)
  2. The Shadow of the Night (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Fujimaru Yoshino)
  3. End of May (lyrics & music: Makoto Matsushita)
  4. Catalog Life (lyrics & music:Yoshihiko Ando)
  5. Long Goodbye (lyrics:Yoshihiko Ando/ music:Naoki Watanabe)

Single (2005) (maxi single)

  1. I My Me (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Naoki Watanabe)
  2. Dead or Alive (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Fujimaru Yoshino)
  3. Light the Night (lyrics & music: Makoto Matsushita)

New (2005)

  1. Music Crusade (lyrics: Makoto Matsushita /music: Atsuo Okamoto)
  2. The Planet in our Hands (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Hidetoshi Yamada)
  3. Day After Tomorrow (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music: Naoki Watanabe)
  4. She's Like Falling Rain (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/music: Fujimaru Yoshino)
  5. Tonight (lyrics: Makoto Matsushita/music:Hidetoshi Yamada)
  6. Round About Midnight (lyrics:Yoshihiko Ando/music:Fujimaru Yoshino)
  7. Walking in the Rain (lyrics & music: Makoto Matsushita)
  8. Can You Keep It Up!? (lyrics:Yoshihiko Ando/music:Atsuo Okamoto)
  9. Always (lyrics & music: Makoto Matsushita)
  10. Dream on Dreamer(lyrics:Yoshihiko Ando/music:Naoki Watanabe)

Blue (2007)

  1. Ooh Baby (lyrics: Kane Tominaga/music:Fujimaru Yoshino)
  2. Night View  (lyrics: Makoto Matsushita/music:Atsuo Okamoto)
  3. Until the End of Time (lyrics:Kane Tominaga/music:Hidetoshi Yamada)
  4. Kimi-ga iru kiseki (君がいる奇跡) (lyrics: Kosuke Kamishin /music: Naoki Watanabe)
  5. Only One (lyrics:Kane Tominaga/music:Fujimaru Yoshino)
  6. Summer Wave (lyrics & music: Makoto Matsushita)
  7. Un-til the Break of Dawn (lyrics:Kane Tominaga/music:Hidetoshi Yamada)
  8. Rhythm of Universe (lyrics・music:Naoki Watanabe)
  9. Back to Paradise (lyrics:Yoshihiko Ando/music:Atsuo Okamoto)
  10. Into the Light (lyrics & music: Makoto Matsushita)

DVD: Crossover Japan '05 (Live: Omnibus) Disc 1 (2005)

  1. 05 Correspondence (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/music: Makoto Matsushita)
  2. 06 Dead or Alive (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/music:Fujimaru Yoshino)
  3. 07 Light the Night (lyrics・music: Makoto Matsushita)

DVD: AB'S M.V.C.--Music Video Clips-- (2007) (limited)

  1. I My Me (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music:Naoki Watanabe)
  2. Dead or Alive (lyrics: Yoshihiko Ando/ music:Fujimaru Yoshino)
  3. Light the Night (lyrics & music: Makoto Matsushita)
  4. Music Crusade (lyrics: Makoto Matsushita/ music: Atsuo Okamoto)
  5. Summer Wave (lyrics & music: Makoto Matsushita)
  6. Night View (lyrics: Makoto Matsushita/ music: Atsuo Okamoto)



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