The Gazette (Short Review)

The Gazette. The first song I heard from The Gazette (the Gazette ガゼット first name only) is Zetsu, where the PV, Uruha (gt) with costumes 'sexy' to play the guitar with a melody that I think is 'beautiful'. From there I began to see interest PV -PVnya others. Quite surprised to the development The Gazette are now. Hear-hear Ruki (vo) had stopped smoking, growing wonder vocals, more constant, more character.

The Gazette is not too long I think air-independent. Despite a little shock to the album Stacked Rubbish (2007), but after I had heard the single Guren, I think The Gazette had found their identity as a major band.

Vocal no death ga Ruki, Aoi is sugoi guitar, melodic guitar Uruha, Reita is mendegum bass, and drummingnya Kai is fast, constant, and an energetic fusion band fit for this one. I hope The Gazette will not broke. Gaze Rock is not Dead!
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