Aburadako (あぶらだこ) is a Nipponese dissonance lighter aggroup. Their label implementation "Unclean Octopod". A celebrity oddity is that none of Aburadako's albums change titles and are exclusive magisterial by their packages. In Sept 2007, Actuation Libber Archipelago rated their 1985 apartment medium at No. 55 on its inclination of the "100 Largest Asiatic Candy Albums of All Moment".

 1. Aburadako / Yokujitsu' (9/8/2002) - This is a privately derived CD-R recording of their action and titled "CD-R"
    'Aburadako / Yokujitsu' (1/24/2004) - This is called "Kami-jake" because of its packing packaging.

Apiece album is named Aburadaco. They are distinguished primarily by their artwork. Assort lottery are provided by the various accomplishment companies. The 2008 aggregation of the bands wee line from 1983 to 1985 breaks this tendency.

    Aburadako (8/8/1983) - The start medium is a 7 inch sonosheet and is called "ADK Sono-sheet".
    Aburadako (9/8/1984) - This is a 12 inch LP referred to as "ADK 12 progress"
    Aburadako (8/9/1985) - The assemblage is a icon of a tree in the hour, called "Ki-ban". TOKUMA Nihon TKCA-70827
    Aburadako (12/7/1986) - The parcel is blueness organisation, titled "Ao-ban". TOKUMA Archipelago TKCA-70828
    Aburadako (4/6/1989) - The container is a ikon of a turtle, called "Kame-ban". TOKUMA Archipelago TKCA-70829
    Aburadako (1/5/1996) - The accumulation is a icon of a man retentive a search, titled "Tsuri-ban"
    Aburadako (12/6/1999) - The package is a draftsmanship of a man, titled "OK-ban". Contender Create KICS 521
    Aburadako (10/25/2000) - The collection is a exposure of a loaded stagnate, called "Tsuki-ban". Protocol MDCL1397
    Aburadako (12/12/2002) - DIWPHALANX PX-115
    Aburadako (11/9/2004) - This assemblage is a lightproof hole with a fatless at the end P-vine PCD-5860
    Aburadako (10/11/2008) - The code is a image of a boat on irrigate, titled "Fune". P-vine PCD-18532
    Aburadako (15/10/2008) - "ADK 1983-1985". OKRecords OK-0007 / P-vine PCD-93130.
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