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Hello all my friends, I'm sorry if I rarely post now. Because after OSPEK (Indonesian term) of Yogyakarta State University, I got sick for 1 week. So, I can't posting an article for about 2 week from early August.

And I'll never forget to say Happy Ramadhan 1431 Hijriah. I wish that your fasting is always blessed by Allah SWT, (for those who run it).

And recently, I've got second award from my friend. This award comes from Chess (thanks to you) that the title is Second Award for animanga-sign, by forwarding from his friend Linna that the title is Jadilah Blogger Sejati (Indonesian word), or Be a true blogger (English word). So this award will be distributed to 10 friends :

01. Apri
02. Miya
03. Ruuru Fauziah
04. Chitose
05. U-San
06. Nike
07. Henny
08. Mr. Shari
09. LiFe KaMi
10. Ummiega

Game Rules :
For anyone who received this award are required to re-distributed this award to 10 of their friends. Next, award recipients must put these links on their blog or each article.

01. ...
02. Duniaku
03. EXceed-imagination
04. Priagoenks
05. safe computing tips
06. sahabat18
07. Dark Ard Deidara
08. Walk to Wonderland
09. Anime and Manga Indonesia

10. Profiles About Japan Pop & Rock Artists

Before my friends put the links above, remove first the participant #1 from the list. So that, all of the participants go up one level. The participant #2 becomes #1, participant #3 becomes #2, and so on. Then, put your own link at the very bottom (# 10). But, remember that all of you must be fair when do it. If only each award recipients are able to give this award just to 5 persons and they do it, so the number of back-links that will be obtained are :

When you're at #10, the number of backlink = 1
# 9, the number of backlink = 5
# 8, the number of backlink = 25
# 7, the number of backlink = 125
# 6, the number of backlink = 625
# 5, the number of backlink = 3,125
# 4, the number of backlink = 15,625
# 3, the number of backlink = 78,125
# 2, the number of backlink = 390,625
# 1, the number of backlink = 1,953,125

And all use a keyword that you want. From SEO's side (Search Engine Optimization), you have got 1,953,125 back-link and its profit, your blog will get an additional traffic, moreover if someone clicking those links to your blog. So, don't miss and waste this award.
Thank you all... :-)
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August 28, 2010 at 8:02 AM ×

Hi Fauzy, thanks for the award but please forgive me, cause I am not able to re-distributed this time. Gambatte.

December 27, 2010 at 12:26 PM ×

hmm, so what do yeah ... don't worry. thanks a lot:)

June 20, 2011 at 11:37 AM ×