Luna Sea

1. Band Profile
Luna Sea is a Japanese music group where the genre is rock. The band was formed in 1989 and consisting of 5 members, they are Ryuichi (vocals), Sugizo (guitar), Inoran (guitar), J (bass), and Shinya (drum). They were originally from Kanagawa and were under Extasy, Sweet Child, and Universal music label. This band decided to disband in 2000 with the cause of music color difference.

This band was first formed by J and Inoran, by the name Lunacy. Then they recruited Shinya and Sugizo, their senior, from Pinnochio band to join with Lunacy. After some time looking for vocalist for their band, they decided to recruit Ryuichi from Slaughter band to join with them.

After releasing their debut album, Lunacy decided to change their name into Luna Sea. Luna Sea began to hold concerts and started to attract many fans. In 1992, they found a fansclub, Slave, and released their first major album, entitled Image.

In 1993, they began to release their first major single entitled Believe, and also released their second album Eden, in the same year. And followed in 1994 -1995, they released their third album entitled Mother, which one of the best album from Luna Sea. This album peaked at #2 on the Oricon Chart. In the next year, they held their first concert in Tokyo Dome : Lunatic Tokyo.

In 1996, a single End of Sorrow was released and peaked at #1 on the Oricon Chart. The same thing also occured with their 4th album Style. In the end of 1996, Luna Sea held a concert at Yokohama Stadium named Unending Style Tour Final Christmas Stadium ~ Mafuyu No Yagai~. In this concert, Luna Sea announced that they will be vacum while in 1997 and every members decided to do the solo carrier.

Luna Sea returned to be active in 1998 by releasing a single Storm and Shine. Both of the single peaked at #1 on the Oricon Chart. Then they released a single entitled I for you which was used as ending theme for Kamisama mou Sukoshi Dake the Japanese drama series, and played by Takeshi Kaneshiro and Kyoko Fukada. Their fifth album which was released in the same year, entitled Shine peaked on the Oricon Chart. One of the song in this album entitled Breathe was used as a soundtrack of animated films Walt Disney, Mulan. Then they returned to hold a concert at Yokohama Stadium called Manatsu no Yagai.

They returned to release a single entitled Gravity, which commonly peaked at #1 on the Oricon Chart. Then they re-release a single entitled Tonight, followed by their 6th album Lunacy. They held a concert Luna Sea Concert Tour 2000 The Brand New Chaos in the same year. But suddenly, Luna Sea announced that they will disbanded in the end of the year to continue their solo carrier. They released last single Love Song and one compilation album Period.

In 2009, Luna Sea celebrated their 20th anniversary by distributing their songs through iTunes. They also opened official MySpace on December.

2. Members Profile
Birth name : Ryuichi Kawamura (河村隆一?)
Born : May 20, 1970 (age 40) Yamato, Kanagawa, Japan
Genres : Rock and roll J-pop
Occupations : Singer, composer, record producer, actor, author, race car driver
Instruments : Vocal, acoustic guitar, guitar
Years active : 1989-Present
Labels : Avex Group
Associated acts : Luna Sea Tourbillon
Website :

Birth name : Yūne Sugihara (有音 杉原) u.2004 Yasuhiro Sugihara (康弘 杉原)
Also known as : スギゾー, Sugizo
Born : July 8, 1969 (age 41) Hadano, Kanagawa, Japan
Genres : Rock, metal, avant garde, electronica, psychedelic, jazz, ambient, trance, bossa nova, world, classical, traditional
Occupations : Singer-songwriter, musician, composer, record producer, actor, dancer, author
Instruments : Vocals, guitar, bass guitar, violin, cello, sitar, kokyū, flute, trumpet, piano, turntable
Years active : 1989–present
Labels : Cross/Polydor 1997-Embryo 1998-Nippon Crown 2001-2003 Sephirot 2007-
Universal 2008-
Associated acts : Luna Sea, Juno Reactor, S.K.I.N., X Japan, Stop Rokkasho,
The Flare, S.t.k., Shag
Website :

Birth name : Inoue Kiyonobu (井上 清信?)
Born : September 29, 1970 (age 39) Hadano, Kanagawa, Japan
Genres : Rock, pop
Occupations : Singer-songwriter, musician, composer, record producer
Instruments : Vocals, backing vocals, guitar
Years active : 1989-Present
Labels : King Records
Associated acts : Luna Sea, Fake?, Tourbillon
Website :

Birth name : Jun Onose
Also known as : J
Born : August 12, 1970 (age 40) Hadano, Kanagawa, Japan
Genres : Rock, punk rock
Occupations : Singer-songwriter, composer
Instruments : Vocals, backing vocals, bass, guitar
Years active : 1989-Present
Labels : Universal 1997-2005, Avex Group/Blowgrow 2005-
Associated acts : Luna Sea, Zilch, Dessert Flame Frequency
Website :

Birth name : Shinya Yamada (山田真矢?)
Born : January 13, 1970 (age 40) Hadano, Kanagawa, Japan
Genres : Rock
Occupations : Drummer
Instruments : Drums
Years active : 1989 - present
Labels : Universal Music Group
Associated acts : Luna Sea Potbelly
Website :

3. Latest News
This band has disbanded in 2000, but they still reunited in 2007 - 2009 and also held a concert at some places of Japan.

They have 14 singles, 7 albums, and 12 compilation albums. Three of their last single in 2000 were "Gravity" (March 29, 2000), "Tonight" (May 17, 2000), and "Love Song" which was released on November 8, 2000. And followed by their last album entitled "Lunacy" which was released on July 12, 2000. It contained 11 songs and the band's last original studio album before disbanding in late 2000.

May 29, 2010 was the 21st anniversary of Luna Sea's formation, which was also the day of a full moon.
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