Ikimono Gakari

1. Band Profile
Ikimono-gakari (いきものがかり) is a Japanese Rock Band formed in 1999. They have ever released out 3 indie albums under the Cubit Club music records and finally join to the Sony Music. In 2006, together with "mihimiru GT", they was chosen as Young Guns in Music Station event.

This band consisting of 1 girl and 2 boys, and similar to the well-known artist in Japan, Do As Infinity. They are Kiyoe Yoshioka (Vocals), Hotaka Yamashita (Guitar, Harmonic), Yoshiki Mizuno (Guitar, vocals). The first song which I have heard from Ikimono Gakari is Blue Bird that has been used as 3rd opening for Naruto Shippuden Anime Series.

Almost of every songs by this pop/rock genre group, is use Harmonica musical instruments.
Perhaps it may to be a characteristics and icon of this band eventually.

Their first meeting began when Hotaka and Yoshiki was still in Elementary School and both of them had a nickname called ikimono gakari. On February 1999, they founded a band called Ikimono Gakari, exactly after they entered the same school, Atsugi College. Their live performance began by Street Busker, and from house to house. A few months later, Kiyoe who is the younger brother of their classmate, joined to this band. But then, they left from the band activity, because have to finish their study and go to the university.

Because many of their concerts in the street, finally the band became well-known in their region, so attracting attention to the indie record company Thunder Snake on June 2003. And Ikimono Gakari got a chance to take a part in Atsugi Thunder Snake event.

On March 2007, they released studio album entitled Sakura Saku Machi Monogatari.

2. Members Profile

  • Kiyoe Yoshioka (吉冈 圣 恵, Yoshioka Kiyoe)
  • Nicknamed : Yosshie and Kiyoe-Chan
  • Born : February 29, 1984 (Kanagawa Perfecture)
  • Instruments : Vocals
  • Grauated from : Ebina High School, Graduate School Musical courses Showa University * College of Music (now four-year).

  • Hotaka Yamashita (山下 穂 尊, Yamashita Hotaka)
  • Nicknamed : occhi Yama-chan
  • Born : August 27, 1982 (Kanagawa, Perfecture)
  • Instruments : (Guitar and Harmonic)
  • Graduated from : Department of Sociology, Hosei University

  • Yoshiki Mizuno (水 野 良 树, Mizuno Yoshiki) (Leader Member)
  • Nicknamed : Yocchan
  • Born : December, 17 1982 (Kanagawa, Perfecture).
  • Instruments : Guitar (primarily using the electric guitar)
  • Graduated From : Department of Sociology, Hitotsubashi University

Support Members : Takashi Adachi (安達 貴史, Adachi Takashi?) (born December 27, 1982)\

3. Latest News
Ikimono-gakari or refers to a group of children who are responsible for looking after plants and animals in a Japanese elementary school, has released 3 indie albums, 4 major albums, and 18 singles. Their latest major album entitled Hajimari no Uta has peaked 1st position on oricon charts and reached more than 500.000 copies sold. Also followed by their latest single in 2010, entitled Nostalgia that was released on March 10, 2010 and contains 4 tracks, peaked 3rd position, and reached sales more than 40.000 copies sold.

While, on May 5, 2010 they released Arigatō and just contains 2 tracks. It aslo peaked 2nd position on oricon, and reached sales about 78.000 copies sold.
This band will release their 19th single entitled SPIRITS.
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