The Gazette

1. Band Profile

The Gazette is a Japanese Visual Kei based-Rock Band (all at once as the first visual kei band that I write here), formed early in 2002 and consisting of 5 members. They are Ruki (Vocals), Uruha (Guitar), Aoi (Guitar), Reita (Bass), Kai (Drum).

Gazette music genre is Rock Progressive, although they usually use terms of their own genre, called Gazerock. This band looks like unique on their fashion, but they have an high skill and good performance when playing music. Beside that, Ruki as a vocals has a Death Voice on his vocals skill.

Beginning by their first single, entitled Wakaremichi when they were still under the Matina Record. They also take a part on FINAL PRELUDE 2002-2003 Matina PRESENTS which was held by Matina Record.

Early in 2003, Yune (Former Drummer) left Gazette, and replaced by Kai (ex MareyditCreia). And in the same year, they joined to PS Company Record. The first tour of Gazette together with the indie band Hanamuke, has also released first mini-album entitled Cockayne Soup which on 2 months later they would release the next mini-album. And further, they were continuing the tour and enliven some events at the end of the year, like 2003's Beauti-Fool's Fest together with other bands, they are Merry and D'espairsRay.

In 2006, Gazette (Japanese) changed its name to the Gazette (English). And after changing their name, they released 2nd album entitled Nil. This album was sold in all city of Japan. Beside that, the Gazette made tours more than 30 times after launching of Nil.

2. Members Profile

Real Name : Matsumoto Takanori
Nickname : Ruki
Birthdate : February 1, 1982
Bloodtype : B
Height : 162 cm
Birthplace : Kanagawa Perfecture
Favorite Colors : gold, red, black, purple, silver
Favorite Animals : Dogs (Chihuahua), cats
Family: Parents, older brother, dog ( the late Sabu-chan ) and cat ( Mr. Squidge )
Best Subject in School : English and Japanese Instruments : Vocals

 Real Name : Takashima Kouyou
 Nickname : Uruha
 Birthdate : June 9, 1981
 Bloodtype : O
 Height : 177 cm
 Birthplace : Kanagawa Perfecture
Favorite Colors : purple, black, grey/silver
 Favorite Animals : dogs, penguins, ducks, polar  bears
 Best Subject in School : Art
 Instruments : Guitar

 Real Name : Shiroyama Yuu
 Nickname : Aoi
 Birthdate : January 20, 1979
 Bloodtype : A
 Height : 171 cm
 Birthplace : Mie
 Best Subject in School : Home Economics
 Instruments : Guitar

 Real Name : Suzuki Akira
 Nickname : Reita
 Birthdate : May 27, 1981
 Bloodtype : A
 Height : 172 cm
 Birthplace : Kanagawa Perfecture
Favorite Colors : red, white, purple
 Favorite animal : parakeet
 Best Subject in School : Japanese
 Family: grandmother, mother, older sister
 Instruments : Bass

Real Name : Uke Yutaka
Nickname : Kai
Birthdate : October 28, 1981
Bloodtype : B
Height : 172 cm [5'7]
Birthplace : Tokushima
Best Subject in School : Mathematics
Family : mother, grandmother
Instuments : Drum

Former Member

Name: Yune ユネ
Part: Drums
January 2002 – January 2003

3. Latest News
Gazette has released 17 Singles, 6 EP (Extended Plays), 4 Studio Albums, and 1 Compilation Album, and 2 Video Albums. In last 2009, they have released 2 singles Distress and Coma (on March 25) and Before I Decay (on October 7). Also followed by studio album at the same year entitled DIM which has peaked 2nd place at Oricon.

The band has announced that they would be transferring from King Records to Sony Music Records, with the release of their seventeenth single "SHIVER", scheduled to be released on next July 21, 2010.
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