Every Little Thing

1. Band Profile
Every Little Thing or shortened ELT, is a Japanese pop music group. Since March 2000, ELT just consisting of Kaori Mochida as a vocals, and Ichiro Ito as a Guitar. The best-selling album was Time to Destination (1998) which was sold over 4 Million chips. Some of 6 singles and 7 albums from ELT has ever peaked at #1 position on Oricon Chart.

ELT was formed in 1996 by avex trax producer, named Mitsuru Igarashi. In early, ELT was consisting of Kaori Mochida, Ichiro Ito, and Mitsuru Igarashi. Kaori Mochida is a former singer of Kuro Buta All Stars idol group, while the guitarist Ichiro Ito is an Iragashi's good friend. Their debut single, Feel My Heart which was released on August 7, 1996 peaked #24 position on the Oricon Single.

The third single, Dear My Friend was a song which made ELT became more famous, and their first album, Everlasting was sold more than 2 million chips. And ELT's first single which was peaked #1 position on the Oricon Songs, was For the Moment which was released in June 4, 1997.

Their 2nd studio album, Time to Destination was released in April 15, 1998, and was sold over 4 million chips, all at once as the best-selling album of ELT. The album contained song entitled Time Goes By, which was as a single sold over 1.150.000 chips, and peaked #2 position on Oricon Single.

2. Members Profile

Kaori Mochida


Also known as : Mocchi

Born : March 24, 1978 (1978-03-24) (age 32) Tokyo, Japan

Genres : Japanese Pop

Occupations : Singer, songwriter

Years active : 1986 – present

Blood type: A

Height: 160cm

The Group's vocal.

Ichiro Ito


Born : May 17, 1969 (1969-05-17) (age 41) Tokyo

Genres : Japanese Pop

Occupations : Keyboardist, record producer

Labels : Avex Trax

Blood type: A

Height: 175cm

The guitarist of the group.

  • Former Member

Mtsuru Igarashi


Born : November 10, 1967(1967-11-10) (age 42) Yokosuka

Genres : Japanese Pop
Occupations : Guitarist, Arrangement

Labels : Avex Trax

Name: Igarashi Mitsuru

Blood type: A

Height: 172cm

The group's Keyboarding and song programming, it seems that he is no longer a part of ELT any longer.

2. Latest News
The band which usually called J-Pop Duo, has 9 studio albums, 5 Best of Albums, 1 Acoustic Alums, 5 remix albums and 39 singles, where Change was their lastest single which was released on February 24, 2010, and the copies sold is still unknown.
Also followed by their 9th studio albums, which the name of album was taken from their last single, was released on March 24, 2010. Also peaked at #2 on Oricon Daily Album Chart, and peaked at #8 on Oricon Weekly Albums Chart.
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