1. Band Profile
Ellegarden is a Japanese Group Music formed in 1998. They were originally from Chiba, Japan.
Most of their lyrics is using in English and rarely in Japanese. And Ellegarden are, drummer on Hirotaka Takahashi, vocalist on Takeshi Hosomi, guitarist on Shinichi Ubakata, and bassist on Yuichi Takada. In 2008, Ellegarden announced their indefinite hiatus.

Most of the lyrics are written by Takeshi Hosomi, because he ever spent working as a computer engineering in Oakland, California, and later in Japan. He are masterful of pronouncing in English by his experience. Ellegarden has been compared to famous artists of similar style, most notably Sum 41

(Ellegarden was the band's opening act on February 2005 during the Sum 41 Japan Tour 2005), Blink 182 and Good Charlotte.

2.Members Profile
1. Takeshi Hosomi
* Full Name : Takeshi Hosomi
* Name in Japanese : Beautiful fine warrior, Takeshi Hosomi, Takeshi
Hosokawa I
* Born : February 22, 1973 (age 37)
* Instruments : Vocals, Guitar
* Euipment : Gibson Les Paul Std./ Gibson Historic Collection 1956 Les Paul
Gold Top Diezel Herbert/ Marshall JCM-800

2. Shinichi Ubukata (Leader)
* Full Name : Shinichi Ubukata
* Name in Japanese : Shinichi raw form, Shinichi Ubukata, how naive Shin Aichi
* Born : September 30, 1973 (age 33)
* Instruments : Guitar
* Equipment : Gibson ES-335 Dot Export/ Gibson ES-335 Diamond F-HoleVHT. Pittbull Hundred CLX/ Marshall JMP 2203

3. Yuichi Takada
* Full Name : Yuichi Takada
* Name in Japanese : Takada Yuuiti, Yuichi Takada, Takada Yuu Iti
* Born : July 23, 1976 (age 33)
* Instruments : Bass
* Equipment : Fender Precision Bass/ Ampeg SVT-810 E

4. Hirotaka Takahashi
* Full Name : Hirotaka Takahashi
* Name In Japanese : Takahashi Takahiro, Taka Hiro Takahashi, I Takahashi
* Born : October 29, 1973 (age 34)
* Instruments : Drums
* Equipment : Ludwig Classic Maple Drum Set/ SD Gretsch G4160
Paiste 2002 Series/ Stick Pearl Standard Hickory 190 STH[2]

3. Latest News
On May 2, 2008, it was announced that the band would be going on hiatus when the following message was posted on the band's official website:

"Ellegarden has been in the process of creating a new album since last year, however, during the band’s activities, there arose a difference in opinion regarding the motivation for creating a new album. We no longer feel we are able to create an album that we would be satisfied with, and after much discussion we arrived at the conclusion to end the creation of the album and suspend the band’s activities indefinitely. All previously decided shows (including shows not yet announced) up until early September 2008 will still be performed.

We want to thank everyone who has supported Ellegarden from the bottom of our hearts. In order to once again create new music as Ellegarden, each of us wants to work on our own personal growth and development. Thank you for everything. -Ellegarden leader, Shinichi Ubukata."

Latest Dischography :
The Band has released 5 studio albums, 2 compilation albums, and 2 mini albums.
Their last album are "Eleven Fire Crackers" which was releases on November 8, 2006, peaked 1st place on oricon charts and has reached 341,000 copies sold.

Before they were in hiatus, Ellegarden had released their best compilation album which contains their best maxi single.

Also they have 6 maxi singles. They always put Space Sonic and Salamander as their best singles.
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