abingdon boys school

1. Profil of The Band
abingdon boys school is a Japanese rock band which consisting of four members, they are Takanori Nishikawa as a vocals and also known as TM Revolution (Takanori Makes Revolution) and about 17 years has been in the Japanese music scene. Toshiyuki Kishi as a programmer and a Keyboardist who usually helps top vocalist named Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Tomoyasu Hotei in each of their live concerts and help Takanori Nishikawa several times in the manufacture of TM Revolution album. And Hiroshi Shibasaki and Sunao as a guitarist, both of them are additional personnel of TM Revolution who a lot to contribute in TM Revolution album.

abingdon boys school was founded in 2005 when Takanori Nishikawa got a project for making an album "tribute to NANA", a popular fictionally character which wanted to be made its film in 2005.
At that time he made a band called"abingdon boys school" and wrote a song titled "stay away" which was compiled into various artist album, titled "Love for Nana". After that, they re singing a song by Buck-Tick Band for tribute album of Buck-Tick Band titled "Dress". And then in 2006, they launched their debut single called Innocent Sorrow which was used for popular anime theme song titled D.Gray-Man, and with the B-Side, titled "Fre@k Show" which was used for popular movies in Japan, Death Note : The Last Name.

2. Profil of Members
1. Main Members
Takanori Nishikawa : Vocals
Toshiyuki Kishi : Programming, Keyboard, turntables
Hiroshi Shibasaki : Guitar
Sunao : Guitar

2. Support Members
Ikuo : Bass Guitar
Kozy Hasegawa : Drums

Currently, this band has create 8 singles and 2 albums. Their latest single is "From Dusk Till Dawn". They gave name of their first album, "Self Titled" or just "Abingdon Boys School". The album was released on October 17, 2007 and contains 12 tracks. While the second album titled "Abingdon Road" was released in January 27, 2010 and contains 14 tracks.

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