(スキャンダル? ) ( Written with all capital letters ) is a band of pop / rock from Osaka , Japan, which all members are women that Haruna Ono , Tomomi Ogawa , Mami Sasazaki , and Rina Suzuki . SCANDAL was formed since they were in high school and now it has passed but his performance is identical in every high school uniform costumes . SCANDAL proclaimed themselves as the " Girl Group Pop Rock Japan Strongest " , SCANDAL very energetic , especially because Haruna is the oldest and the leader of the band , sharing lead vocals with the other three members , in order not to focus on one particular girl and share the limelight , but usually vocal Haruna and Tomomi most prominent.An interesting note about this band is a unique way to promote their band. Because they are a fan of Japanese anime and manga , they wanted to be represented in the form of anime, turning each member into an anime character . In the form of animated SCANDAL is featured on a series of promotional videos available on websites and blogs which then also sold on DVD . Before so famous in Japan and entered the major labels, the band has even performed at the festival of Japanese culture in the United States and France


In August 2006, four girls meet at school vocal and dance Caless , Haruna and Mami from Nagoya branch Calles ; Tomomi and Rina from Osaka branch , On the advice of their mentor to master a musical instrument , they decided to form a band SCANDAL , wrote and played their own songs while living the life of their school everyday . Shortly thereafter , they began doing live performances every weekend in Shiroten in Osaka Castle Park .

As time went on more than a hundred fans began to consistently attend their live performances , which resulted in the band getting known in Japanese society . In August 2007 , SCANDAL opportunity a chance to participate in a special event at Shibuya Club Asia . Clubs are highly recognized and respected in Shibuya . It was then that record label Kitty Records (a subsidiary of Kitty Films ) offered to record their songs . A few months later , the girls were contracted independently flexible by Kitty in partnership with Tower Records .

Indie Labels

In 2008 , SCANDAL released three independent singles exclusively at Tower Records . Their first indie single was released on March 3, 2008 in celebration of Girl 's Day , which despite being ranked second in the " Indies Weekly Chart " , sold out throughout Japan and has difficulty in storage due to high demand . In an effort to ease the fans in getting this album , the single was released in the iTunes Music Store America and Japan on 9 April 2008 . Two singles ( on CD ) is ranked number 1 on the " Indies Weekly Chart " . Their second single Koi Moyo , also designated as " the best song this week " in iTunes Store Japan from April 16 to April 22 , 2008.Right after their first release , SCANDAL left Japan to resume their first international tour , " Japan Nite U.S. Tour 2008 " , followed by two concerts in Japanese cultural and anime convention , " Sakura - Con 2008" from March 16 to March 30 . In July of the same year , they performed at France 's Japan Expo and also at Hong Kong Ani - Com in August . SCANDAL finish their indie career with the release of their first mini album , Yeah ! Well ! Well ! HELLO SCANDAL . 

Major Labels

In early September 2008, SCANDAL start a contract with Sony Music Japan with Kitty Records CD because they were made in very limited quantities (only 2000 of each) which causes it to rapidly sold out. Sony Music Japan put them on the label Epic Records Japan. In October, they released their debut single, entitled "Doll". Give them more opportunities for exposure, including appearances on mainstream music television shows in Japan. Singgle They released "Sakura Goodbye" in March 2009 to commemorate Mami and Tomomi high school graduation. The next month, they released the single "Shōjo S" is used as the tenth opening theme song from the anime series Bleach This further increases their popularity, even single ranked # 6 on the Oricon chart when it was released two months later in June. 


Their first album, BEST SCANDAL released on October 21, 2009, a week earlier on October 14, SCANDAL released the single "Yumemiru Tsubasa". This first album was ranked # 5 Oricon weekly charts, making them the first Japanese girl band since ZONE which has a debut album that is capable of top five Oricon Chart. On December 30, 2009, 51 Japan Record Award was held, SCANDAL nominated for Best New Artist. In the end, they were chosen to be the runner-up of the Korean boy band Big Bang.

The second album: TEMPTATION BOX 

Not even one year after the They released their first album , the second album " TEMPTATION BOX " was released on August 11, 2010 . Earlier in February the single " Shunkan Sentimental " was released , and was used as the ending theme song of the fourth series of the anime Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood . In June , the band released the single , " Kimi ga Taiyo to Egaku Story " , and their first live concert DVD , Scandal First Live - Best ★ SCANDAL 2009 - . They released another single a month later , entitled " Namida no Regret " is a melancholy ballad of their first single . Some of the songs in the singles and albums SCANDAL in 2010 became the theme song for the anime film " Loups = Garous " and they also had the opportunity to fill out a voice cameo as extras in the anime . In October 2010 they released the single " SCANDAL Nanka Bottobase " which was also released in a limited edition split 3 A , B , and C , along with a bonus live video performance on the television program " Ongaku Shiteki Jiyou " , this is the first single SCANDAL are able to achieve ranking # 3 Oricon Chart . Still in 2010 they released a mini- album " R - GIRL ROCK " which contains a collection of songs covering of some Japanese female musicians covering songs from bands including women ZONE " Secret Base ~ Kimi ga Kureta Mono ~ " which had previously been released as a digital single .

The third album 'BABY ACTION'

The third album "BABY ACTION" will be released in early August 2011, as the previous two albums will be released as a single the previous week "LOVE SURVIVE". Previously released singles "Pride" in February 2011 to cover the song for the anime "Stardriver: Kagayaki ni Takuto". In April 2011 they released the single "Haruka" which became the theme song of 3D anime film "Tofu Kozo" which ranks # 3 Oricon Weekly Chart.
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