GRAVITY Ø by Aqua Timez

Hello my friends. I'm sorry for rarely posting now. Because now, my status is as a collegian, and you know that be a collegian is very busy and has many assignment to do. But, I still won't leave this blog and I try to make a posting as my best.

And now, I'll give you a posting about latest single from Japanese Rock Band, Aqua Timez. This is also a request from my friend at once my neighbour, he is mr. Chess Piece.

It's just a little review from this single. Enjoy it!

After waiting for a long time, Aqua Timez officially announced the date of their new single release, called "Gravity Ø". This single will revolve offically in Japan on October 13, 2010 and already pre-order from now in CD-Japan. And for buying its limited edition single will gain a bonus, such as cool jacket. The price of this single is ¥1,223.

Track-list :

1. GRAVITY Ø (Zero Gravity)
2. 月のカーテン (Tsuki no CURTAIN)
3. ポケットの中の宇宙 (POCKET no naka uchuu)
4. GRAVITY Ø [Instrumental]

This single contains 4 songs, including 1 instrumental. Their main hits that also as the name of this single GRAVITY Ø (Read : Zero Gravity) will be used as the opening theme for anime series (STAR DRIVER 輝きのタクト - Star Driver kagayaki no tact) that will be aired on the TV TBS Japanese TV Station. This song is decided to become opening theme for anime on September 10, 2010. While the anime will be debut aired on October 3, 2010.
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Chess Piece
November 13, 2010 at 9:24 PM ×

Sedikit kecewa sama lagunya, Zero Gravity ga begitu enak didenger..
Video Clip-nya juga monoton, tapi keren si Futoshi-nya, gila mirip sama Sora Kingdom Heart..

December 27, 2010 at 12:20 PM ×

Iya dlam nada kaya mirip2 ya, namun kita beri apresiasi dalam jerih payah membuat karya? hehe setuju...?? yuppp!!!! emg mirip Sora kingdom