Alice Nine

1. Band Profile
Alice Nine (or Arisu in Japanese) is a Japanese visual kei rock band (the second visual kei band that I write here), was formed in 2004. This group consisting of five members same as now, they are Shou (ex Givuss) on Vocals, Tora (ex Givuss) and Hiroto (ex BAQUEPIA) on Guitar, Saga (ex Visage) on Bass Guitar and Nao (ex Fatima) on Drums. Immediately after the band was formed, Alice held first live concert in Ikebukuro Cyber and continued to appear everywhere, including on the PS Company present: Tribal Arrival Vol. 81.

Next month they released first maxi-single entitled Namae wa madanai, limited to 1000 copies only and discharged suddenly during the pre-order periods thanks to the fans from their previous band also the masses who were interested in after seeing their previous performances. Then, they issued a second printing from Namae wa madanai on August limited to 3000 copies only, and sold out. At this time, they held a tour two-man together with other indie bands, called Ayabie. The top of tour event was held in Shibuya O-East with sold out ticket.

In September, the group that still called a new band joined PS Company (the music label from the groups like The GazettE, Kaggra, and Miyavi) and soon released their first mini album. Just like Alice Nine previous releases, the mini album was also sold limited and successfully peaked at #3 on the Oricon Indies chart. They also held their second tour two-man. At this time they were with Karen. This tour was bigger than their previous tour with Ayabie. Tour at this time brought them throughout Japan by many more shows. They continued to play till the end of year. They closed the show at the end of the year for first time that was held in Holiday Shinjuku.

Alice Nine surprised in 2005 by held their first one-man in Liquid Room-Ebisu. They also participated in several events during February and March, including live performances in Valentine day, which took place at Electric Land Lady. On the next month, they released 3 singles. And then this group spent April by playing as the opening band for Kaggra - the group that was under same label with Alice - during their tour in 2005. On June, they held two-man tour again with Ayabie. At this time was longer than their first tour, brought these two bands around Japan.

On March 21, 2007 the new maxi single Jewels has released. The tour ticket has sold out for numbers of venues over Japan and HIBIYA YAGAI DAIONGAKUDO. For an additional Live performance for the tour, Alice Nine will have performance at NHK HALL on April, 28.

Activity development of the band like Alice Nine with desire is unpredictable so please keep your eye on powerful performance of Alice Nine which amuse the audience and the bend itself.

2. Members Profile

Real name: Kohara Kazamasa
Position: Lead vocals
Age: 25
Birth:July 5, 1981
Height : 177cm (5'8")
Weight : 58kg (128lbs)
Blood Type: O
Hobbies : Games, Looking for Used Clothes, Coffee

Real Name: Ogata Hiroto
Position: Rhythm guitarist
Birth:May 4, 1985
Height : 166cm(5'4")
Weight : 51Kg (112lbs)
Blood Type: O
Hobbies : Going around to Japan's famous places, photos

Real Name: Amano Shinji
Position: Lead guitarist
Birth:September 17, 1980
Weight : 70kg (154lbs)
Blood Type: O
Foot Size : 27.5cm (size 9.5)
Hobbies : Skateboard, BMX

Real Name : Sakamoto Takashi
Position: Bassist
Birth:June 24, 1982
Height : 175cm (5'7")
Weight : 55kg (121lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies : walking with my dog

Real Name: Murai Naoyuki
Position: Drummer
Birth:July 31, 1980
Weight : 53Kg
Blood Type: A

3. Latest News

Their first compilation album has released on March 24, 2010, entitled Alice Nine Complete Collection 2006-2009 by containing 13 tracks. 10 singles and 3 other songs have been added in this album.
Their latest studio album entitled Vandalize was released on January 14, 2009 by containing 11 tracks. The album debuted on the Oricon Chart with a #3 daily and a #7 weekly, with total sales of 13,111 recorded.
And so followed by their latest single entitled Hana was released on August 5, 2009 was divided into 3 parts.
They will released their next single on August 25, 2010 entitled Senkou.
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