1. Band Profile 
ZARD is a J-Pop music group formed in 1991 that featured singer and song-writer, it's Izumi Sakai. The four former members resigned ZARD in 1992 - 1993. They are Fumihito Machida (guitar), Hiroyasu Hoshi (bass guitar), Kosuke Michikura (drum), Kimitaka Ikezawa (Keyobard). Machida, Michikura, and Ikezawa resigned after the releasing of single entitled Makenaide, while Hiroyasu Hoshi did too after releasing of In my arms tonight. The last member is only Izumi Sakai, that the term of ZARD is often used as calling her name, the only permanent member of ZARD till she died on May 27, 2007.

The most famous songs by ZARD are Makenaide, Yureru Omoi, dan My Friend. Zard (Izumi Sakai) is a female singer who avoids her appearance in public, and ever only once toured What a beautiful moment tour in 2004.

Zard's songs have been ever used as the theme song of anime series in Japan, such as My Friend (1996) used as the 4th ending theme of Slam Dunk, Don't You See (1997) was used as 2nd ending song of Dragon Ball GT, and Iki mo Dekinai as 2nd opening theme of Cooking Master Boy. And many more from Detective Conan.

Also she covered the song entitled DAN DAN Kokoro hikareteku which was sung by Field of View and put in the album Today is Another Day.


Izumi Sakai was a photo model who the real name was Sachiko Kamachi. She was chosen to sing Good-bye My Loneliness (1991), that was used as theme song of Kekkon no riso to genjitsu drama series. This song was written by Tetsuro Oda, while the lyric was written by Izumi Sakai. In early, Zard was intended as a solo project of Izumi Sakai, and the existence of the accompanist bands still had not mentioned. In the making of her single and album, Sakai assisted by producer Daikoh Nagato. Then, just since the album Mou Sagasanai, the name of the four members of band accompaniment were written on the cover.

In 1993, the 6th single entitled Makenaide peaked at #1 in the Oricon Charts and sold out over 1 million copies. The success of the single Makenaide was followed three months later by single entitled Yureru Omoi which was sold out over 1 million too. The album entitled Yureru Omoi that contained the single Makenaide and Yureru Omoi also recorded sales over 1 million pieces. Zard continued to survive at #1 in the Oricon Album during the period of 1993, at once as one of bestsellers artist in Japan in 1993.

After the releasing of Toki no Tsubasa on February 2001, Izumi Sakai fell in ill, and Zard was inactive for one year. Zard was coming back in the music world on May 2002 with the single Sawayaka na Kimi no Kimochi

In 2003, Zard released 3 singles successively, Ashita wo Yumemite, Hitomi Tojite, dan Motto Chikaku de Kimi no Yokogao Miteitai. The three singles was followed by album Tomatteita Tokei ga Ima Ugokidashita on January 28, 2004.

 2. Member Profile
  • Izumi Sakai
  • Birth Name : Sachiko Kamachi
  • Born : February 6, 1967
  • Origin : Kurume, Fukuoka, Japan
  • Died : Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
    May 27, 2007 (aged 40)
  • Genres : J-pop
  • Occupations : singer, lyricist
  • Years Active : 1991 - 2007

3. Latest News
Zard's latest single was Glorious Mind (2007) when it's still under Izumi Sakai and sold over 80.000 copies. Glorious Mind was used as 21th opening theme to Detective Conan. And followed by Sunao ni Ienakute, which was released in 2009 and sold over 30.000. Sunao ni Ienakute is a rearranged version and covered by Mai Kuraki. And the latest album is Kimi to no Distance which was released on September 7, 2005.

In the middle plan of releasing her new album and touring in autumn 2007, Izumi Sakai got a cervical cancer surgery on June 2006. Since April 2007, Sakai repeatedly hospitalized due to cancer that spread to the lungs. When being treated on May 27, 2007, she (40 years old) died because fell down in the Hospital of Keio University.
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