1. Band Profile
Flow (written as FLOW) is a Japanese rock band, and still under Sony Music Japan or Ki/oon Records. They were originally formed in 1998. Flow is consisting of 5 members, there are two vocalists = Keigo Hayashi & Koshi Asakawa, drummer = Hiroshi Iwasaki, bassist = Yasutaro Goto, and guitarist = Takeshi Asakawa. Till 2010, this group has released 19 singles and 7 albums.

This group was formed since 1993 when the older brother, Koshi and the younger, Take began playing together. They found Flow in 1998, and as the result Keigo (Vocals), Goto (Bass) and Iwasaki (Drums). In 2001, this group had released their first single, titled Flow #0.

The next, this group released 2 mini albums in the same year, where both of mini albums took nationwide indie charts which was held by storm. Okuru Kotoba, is their first cover single, which was released on January 2003. That single was still on Oricon Indie chart successively for seven weeks and also reached an impressive #6 on every single chart. In spring at that year, their first album titled Splash!!! peaked at #2. On July 2003, Flow released a single titled Blaster and had been under major label, Ki/oon Records. On April 2004, they released Go!!!, which was still on Oricon Chart Top 10 for 3 weeks. And on May 2004 they released their first major album titled Game.

A string of single appeared on July 2005, that group released their third album titled Golden Coast. Since the release of this album, Flow had released 2 singles with new A-Side, but one of (Around the World/Kandata) was released in double A-Sides. Colors is their 4th single. The song Go!!! was used as 4th opening theme for Naruto Anime Series, and so did Re:member it was used as 9th opening theme. Days was the 1st opening theme for Eureka Seven, and Realize was the opening theme song for PlayStation 2 video games for the same series.

2. Members Profile

Keigo Hayashi
Birthday : July 1, 1977
BirthPlace : Tokyo
BloodType : O

Koshi Asakawa
Birthday : April 22, 1977
BirthPlace : Saitama
BloodType : O

Hiroshi Iwasaki
Birthday : November 21, 1969
BirthPlace : Osaka
BloodType : A

Yasutaro Goto
(Bass Guitar)
Birthday : January 26, 1977
BirthPlace : Niigata
BloodType : A

Takeshi Asakawa
Birthday : August 31, 1978
BirthPlace : Saitama
BloodType : A

3. Latest News
Flow has 19 Singles, 6 Studio Albums, 1 EPs, and 2 Compilation Albums. In 2010, Flow has released 2 latest singles, Sign which was released on January 13, 2010 was used as 6th opening theme of Naruto Shippuden anime series. And so their latest single titled Calling was released on May 12, 2010 was used as ending theme of Heroman.
Their latest album titled Microcosm was released on June 16, 2010.

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